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Who can Use Brainfingers?

Brainfingers is designed to be used by a wide range of people with disabilities, from minor to severe. Even users with minimal ability to control facial muscles can usually learn how to map "clicks" to a number of special controls. People who have Cerebal Palsey (CP), Lou Gehig’s Disease (ALS), Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Muscular Distrophy (MD), Tramatic BrainInjury (TBI) and persons with Spinal Cord Injury have all benefited from using Brainfingers.


About Brainfingers

Brainfingers allows you, regardless of physical condition, to control and communicate through your computer completely hands-free.  It is a sophisticated integration of hardware and software providing a communications link between people and machines. It is easy and fun to use. Just put on the headband, plug it into your computer and let Brainfingers help you control your computer and other electrical devices.

By controlling the computer’s mouse-cursor and computer keyboard-keys, Brainfingers can be used to control virtually all aspects of a computer.  You can navigate any Windows application such as AAC software, web browsers, business and productivity software, educational software, even video games. Brainfingers can also activate peripheral devices, adjust environmental controls, and affect feedback displays. Just about any application that can be controlled with a mouse can be controlled with Brainfingers.


The BrainFingers software controls the device and allows for fine control of the various sensors across the device.
This allows for a finely honed set-up for individuals with a variety of conditions and needs.

Download BrainFingers Access Software


There are many 3rd party apps available to help you learn how to use Brainfingers. Here are links to ones we feel would most benefit you in your learning process.


3rd Party Apps

Froggy Game

This is a fun single switch game. The profile was created by Dave Sall for his son Patrick. It makes clever use of a vertical joystick to trigger the keyboard spacebar when Patrick moves his brainfinger into the trigger zone. The profile is setup to use Muscle as the control for the joystick. If a user can not use muscle then it will be necessary to use the profile editor (select Run Edit in Access window) to change the brainfinger control.

Froggy Profile




Maze Muncher Game

This is a pacman style switch game. The profile is setup to use a single switch control of the spacebar. In this nia profile muscle is used as the brainfinger control. If a user can not use muscle then it will be necessary to use the profile editor (select Run Edit in Access window) to change the brainfinger control.

Maze Muncher Profile

Maze Muncher Muncher



Cubes Game

This game allows practice of up-down and left-right actions. The profile comes from Dave Sall. The game uses left and right arrow keys to move left and right. The game uses up and down arrow keys to move up and down. The profile is setup to use two joysticks. The glance direction joystick is used with a left glance controlling the left arrow and a glance right controlling the right arrow key. The muscle joystick is used to control the up and down arrow keys.

Cubes Profile




Skate Girl Game 

This game gives control of a three dimensional jet powered skateboard. The profiles provide three controls; one for the left arrow key resulting in the skateboard turning left, a control for the right arrow key to turn the skateboard to the right, and a control of the up arrow key to turn the skate board jet engine on and off. This game is good practice for learning the interaction of your brain with your body. In the Skate Girl Profile we make use of three custom joysticks. C Js 1 uses the "Muscle Js" preset to control the left arrow key in a hold mode. C Js 2 uses the "Glance Js" preset to control the right arrow key. For the up arrow key, C Js 3 is used. This joystick makes use of positive Alpha core brainfingers to trigger the up arrow on and negative Theta, Beta and Muscle core brainfingers to trigger the up arrow key off. In this way when you relax the skateboard moves forward and when you tense up the skateboard stops moving forward.

Skate Girl Instructions.pdf

Skate Girl Profile

Skate Girl.exe Girl Help.pdf



Tapper Music Performance

Use Brainfingers to play music. The Tapper Folder includes the Tapper program and a bunch of midi songs plus instructions on how to get Tapper going with Brainfingers. It's fun to play music with your head using Brainfingers and Tapper. Open the Tapper Instructions and then download and install the Tapper Profile and download and unzip the Tapper Folder.

Tapper Instructions.pdf

Tapper Profile      Tapper




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